Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bullies and Mangoes

You lived in 7th floor of an apartment building without elevator (only stairs) with your pregnant wife. She tells you to buy two Mangoes on the ground floor for her dinner.

Every floor from that apartment has a bully (from 1st Floor to the roof top) and they take whatever they want from everyone who goes up and bought something from the ground floor. And this time you are up to the challenge to bring exactly 2 Mangoes to your wife.

These Bullies has condition on taking items to everyone, they will take half of what you bought and will give you one (1) piece back. This condition applies to every bully in every floor.

Question is … How many Mangoes should you buy to reach your room with exactly 2 mangoes in your hand to give to your wife?
You have bullies from 1st to 7th floor. 

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